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All About Us

Who Are We?

We are a streamlined creative agency based in Vancouver, BC. We provide hand-crafted quality design work in both print and web. We constantly acquire new technology & new design styles to keep up with this crazy world of design & web.

How We Came To Be

What started out as Jeff's freelance design gig turned into something bigger, prettier and more useful. With over 5 years of professional experience, we are now proud to call ourselves a hot-shot agency. But hey, you're the one who should judge.

The Meaning of "Sonika"

Sonika is a spiritual yoga name that means “With Golden Beauty, Daughter of the Sun”. The sun symbolizes everlasting energy, life and warmth, and we want to portray that in our organic and dynamic design & communication.

Are We Right For You?

Local, Real, Face To Face

We are fully local, and we don't send our work overseas to cheap sources. We have been a part of the Vancouver community for years and we intend to be around much longer, so you can trust us.

Fair Prices

We are competitively priced at $75/hr. Sure, there's cheaper freelancers out there but you get what you pay for - we have years and years of experience and we keep moving forward.

Full Range of Service

Unlike many agencies, we do not limit ourselves to web or print. We handle all aspects of your communications starting from the logo, all the way to your website.

Meet Jeff Kee

Who is Jeff?

Jeff is a Korean-Canadian guy (I speak perfect English, in case you're concerned) with a passion for design & development. With a lengthy history of web and graphic design since his early teens, he is very well experienced in the field and never quits improving.

His Fortes

He has a strong foundation in general arts and visuals with solid education in fine arts. Add his savvy with computers, software, and coding/programming, you have an ultimate creative director and manager.

Outside of Work

In case you're curious, Jeff enjoys soccer, salsa dancing, cooking and eating outside his professional realms. He also enjoys reading, and is obsessed with the show Two & a Half Men.

Special Thanks

Dan Goluboff

for giving us the opportunity to start in this business back in 2005.

Bob Brill

for being the best mentor in this business (and in life).

Bob V.

for believing in our potentials, and his generousity.

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“We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, therefore,
is not an act but a habit.”
- Aristotle